Withdrawal problems after canceling order(s)

I have noticed with my EUR and ETH balances that after canceling orders amounts are not withdraw-able! UI correctly shows that canceled amount is available and is not on hold!

For example I canceled my all buy orders for *-EUR products. UI did shows that amount was available but I was not able to withdraw. Later for some EUR product sell order was filled and after that I was able to withdraw.

Same thing I have noticed twice also with ETH. In both cases I was unable to withdraw even when UI and API responses showed that canceled amount is available. Workaround I found is to move to other portfolio and then back to default.

So looks like there are some bugs that prevents canceled order amount to be withdraw-able / something is not updating. And then after there are something else that triggers some updates (like orders filling and/or funds are moved between portfolios) amount becomes withdraw-able.

And looks like I am not only one who has noticed that:

Hey @muktupavels! Thank you for sharing this with us. I am going ahead and sharing this further with our team, before that can you please confirm that you are not using the APIs in this? We’ll share an update as soon as possible.

No, I did not use APIs, except when I moved funds between portfolios. This problem was not limited to web, I was not able to withdraw using also mobile app.

Any news?

Sounds like same problem!