DOGE balance when query is 1200 but sais "You have 0.0 DOGE available" when crypto withdraw

I have made a USD deposit from my bank payment method more than 1 day ago in order to buy some DOGE currency and withdraw them to my wallet.

Instant deposit was made with success and my order to buy DOGE wass closed with success. Also when I query my balance I have available 1200 DOGE as spected (without any kind of hold …) but when I try to withdraw coinbase server response response:

**"You currently only have 0.000000 DOGE available ($0.00)"**

and more than 1 day ago (I supose there is any kind of security delay on withdrawals or similiar)

Any idea?


hi @aammand - i am so sorry to hear you are having issues. Have you opened a ticket on our Help Site? If this is a developer-specific issue, can you give me a bit more information about the query? Happy to help and want to be sure we fully understand the issue. Thank you!