{"message":"Forbidden"} in GET /withdrawals/fee-estimate

my app shows the approximate commission for sending to another address, I am using the API query defined for this purpose /withdrawals/fee-estimate?currency=USDC&crypto_address=0x3XXX&network=ethereum, putting the requested GET parameters, currency, address and amount, but it sends me this message, I am using a CoinbasePro account

I make the clarification that I have already done a number of tests, changing URLPath for /accounts and it works without any problem.

Hi @Ariel! Welcome to the forum! As mentioned here, a 403 - Forbidden error will be returned if you do not have access to the requested resource.

Upon trying the endpoint on our end, we were able to successfully make the request using an API key created from a default profile and with a transfer permission. With this, to be able to support you in full, we would like to ask you to first check the permission you’ve granted to the API key you are using and confirm if it is created from your default profile as the /withdrawals/fee-estimate endpoint requires the transfer permission and the API key must belong to default profile. Please see this documentation.

Please feel free to reply to us if the issue still persists after confirming the API key permission and the default profile. Thank you and again welcome to the community! :smiley:


Thank you for your prompt and correct response, the key I was using was not from the default profile, I created a new key from it, and everything worked correctly, thank you very much!!!.