Still no info on if a coin is depositable and withdrawable in the API

It is 2024 and there still isn’t an endpoint I can query to get deposit and withdrawal statuses for coins on your exchange. Why is Coinbase the only exchange that doesn’t implement this?

Sure we have the currencies endpoint, but that gives zero information other than “online” and “delisted”. What if you’re doing wallet maintenance and the coin is no longer depositable?

A Coinbase employee in this post says the following:

There is currently no way to know if each currency can be deposited or withdrawn via our API. This is really an interesting request (…)

Interesting request? This is literally one of the most basic features an exchange API should implement. Do better Coinbase.

This was actually a major factor for me when deciding not to trade with Coinbase, since it is impossible to tell if a deposit will get lost or a withdrawal will get stuck. I need to know these things individually to be able to trade with Coinbase.
At the very minimum, I need to have a guarantee that online means
(deposits open AND withdrawals open AND trading enabled)
(deposits open OR withdrawals open OR trading enabled)