Need an API that shows all available cryptocoins in Coinbase

I am looking for an API that lists all of the coins that Coinbase recognizes, similar to except for coins. Such an API surely exists; but I can’t seem to find it in the API documentation.

Update: Upon closer inspection, it seems that the coins are part of the response to the currencies API. The results returned from the API seem to start out in alphabetical order, but the last part (where I found some crypto) seems to be in random order. I still don’t see any way to identify which entries are crypto and which are fiat, however.

Hey @buteomont, Welcome to the forum! Thank you for taking an interest in Coinbase Cloud services. Regarding your concern of extracting a list of currently supported currencies, we believe you can utilize the /currencies endpoint of Coinbase Pro/Exchange. For example, when pushing for a GET request to the endpoint (, it has fields that are relevant to your query. By pushing for such a request, you will see that USDC has a value of crypto for its type and that its status is online which means that USDC is currently being supported by Coinbase. You can also just use the base form of the endpoint so you can query for all known currencies (

Please note that this endpoint uses an entirely different product. And so, it follows that this Coinbase Pro/Exchange uses a different authorization method, a distinct and different API key from that of Coinbase Retail.

To verify these information, you may check the list of supported assets via