Is it Possible to Deposit / Withdraw Using an Advanced Trade API Endpoint


I was wondering if there is an endpoint that allows depositing and withdrawing fiat currencies using the API? I did not see one in the documentation, but perhaps I am missing something?

Thank you.

Hi @SquirrelTrader

The Advanced Trade API does not support depositing and withdrawing fiat currencies. The Advanced Trade API focuses on managing orders, products, and fees. These functions are supported by the “Sign In with Coinbase API”. In particular, for deposits, you can refer to the Wallet API ‘Deposits’ endpoints which are:

  1. Deposit Funds
  2. Commit Deposit
  3. List Deposits
  4. Show Deposit

For withdrawals the endpoints are :

  1. Withdraw Funds
  2. Commit Withdrawal
  3. List Withdrawals
  4. Show Withdrawal

To know more deposit and withdrawal wallet API endpoints please refer our cloud documentation - Sign in with Coinbase

Hope this helps you, have a good day ahead!!!


Dear Sandy,

Thank you for the response. I will look at “Sign In with Coinbase API.”