How to get fiat (GBP, USD etc) balance in advanced trade API

I’m trying to get my fiat balance (GBP in my case, but question would be same if it were USD).

I can successfully call the /v2/accounts and /api/v3/brokerage/accounts endpoints, but both just return “BTC Wallet” and “ETH Wallet” showing my BTC and ETH balances.

I checked this question Gettin USD Balance in Accounts - #5 by lsoderman

to which the answer was that it is only returning the first 50, but that not the case here - the /api/v3/brokerage/accounts response contains:

    "has_next": false,
    "cursor": "",
    "size": 2

so how can I get my GBP balance from the API please?

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Check API key settings!? Perhaps you need to enable more permissions and/or select all accounts if you have not done that.


thanks for such a quick reply - yes, it was a case of enabling this on the API key.

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