"Trading pair not available" on send new order

I’m receiving this response when try to send an order for BTC-USD pair.

“message”: “Trading pair not available”

My request are correct, but idk if there’s a restriction for some regions (I’m brazilian but requests are sent from USA).


How could I see if this rejection is because my region or another problem?


Moisés Oliveira

Most likely a regional exclusion. What country are you in?

I’m Brazilian but requests are sent from USA server

I don’t know if the server would matter. I would suspect that it would have to do with your account setup, purely speculative thou.

@mgoliveira - Looks like because you are based in brazil you are restricted to the USDC based pairs https://help.coinbase.com/en/pro/trading-and-funding/cryptocurrency-trading-pairs/locations-and-trading-pairs - please let me know if that helps.

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