"Internal Server Error" and incorrect "available" balance this morning

This morning around 2022-03-01T16:37Z my REST and FIX clients saw some unusual behavior from the exchange (in production).

My REST client got a bunch of errors: Internal Server Error, then Invalid API Key then Bad Gateway and eventually recovered at around 16:44Z.

When i then polled for my account balances I found that my “available” quantity was much lower than expected. My FIX client also got a bunch of rejects for 'Insufficient Funds" which doesn’t make sense but matches the balances message. When I tried again a minute later it all was back to normal. During this time I didn’t have any other working orders, transfers or anything like that.

I suspect there was a server issue at the time. However I don’t see anything on https://status.exchange.coinbase.com about this downtime.

Is there a better place to look for this info?

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I saw the same this morning in my overnight logs. All my trades seemed to have gone thru tho, seems there was some delay in posting orders too, there where a few not founds on the orders endpoint there too around the same time.

@dberger @cleggink - thank you for raising this and sharing your experience. I will definitely take a look and see what may be going on.

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Seems to have only lasted a minute or two. Whatever it was must have corrected itself.

Thanks @cleggink - let us know if something else pops up.

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Can you speak to whether there were any issues on the server? the status page is great but it seems like for issues like this it often doesn’t show anything, which is less helpful.

@dberger - unfortunately, I am not given much information about short server issues that don’t get posted on the status site. I have passed the feedback along though to see if something may have happened and if things like this can get posted more frequently. Thank you again for your help and support.

@arood last night i got this error

2022-3-25 4:15:12 EXCEPTION: java.io.FileNotFoundException: https://api.pro.coinbase.com/orders/

Which i do get some nights and have assumed that it was latency related and the order just hasn’t posted fast enough putting my algorithm ahead of the curve as it does correct itself most of the time. However last night this one looped several times and ended up shutting down my subscriptions with this exception

at java.util.HashMap.forEach (HashMap.java:1424)
at com.Zeus.CoinbaseProClientAPI.CoinbaseProClient.unsubscribeAll (CoinbaseProClient.java:287)
at com.Zeus.CoinbaseProClientAPI.CoinbaseProClient.run (CoinbaseProClient.java:175)
2022-3-25 4:15:15 Status: SUBSCRIPTION: LINE-00 CLOSED: 1000:

The method called should have recycled my connection but never actually reconnected. Server error only seemed to last about 3 seconds total. Time zone is edt.