Trading key vs personal key

Coinbase offers two types of keys: one attached to your profile settings, and an advanced trading key, specified as a trading key.

In the API docs, it appears that you use the trading key to use the trading api. However, there are no granular permisssion controls available for it. I wondered if I was using the correct key, to do my trading (trading key).

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Hi @stefanbund! Thank you for brining it here on the forum. Please see this page for permissions and scopes: Advanced Trade API Permissions | Coinbase Cloud

and this too:

Hope this helps.

if you set view, does it cancel the ‘trade’ functionality?

Hi @stefanbund! If you are selecting view with other permissions, you would have all the permissions and no trading issues will occur, however if you only select view then you would not be able to trade with that permission alone. We hope this answers your question.

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Hi @Loop_11 I am slightly confused.

I read the page. When I create a key on the Advanced Trade Portal (via Coinbase Cloud) I only see the options to set the permissions: view, trade, transfer

I do not see an option to set the scope. Based on the article you sent before, it seems like scopes only apply to Legacy API keys. Does this mean that for Advanced Trade keys, we do not need to set scopes manually? If I create a key with the “View” permission is it supposed to have all the scopes automatically, or is there somewhere I need to go in order to add the scopes I need?