Using the "portfolios" feature that Coinbase Pro had

I want to give my API key and Secret to a trading bot, but I don’t want to give them full access to my account with all of my money in it.

I saw in the old Coinbase Pro, there was a “Portfolios” feature, and you could withdraw some money to that portfolio, then create an API key off of it. This is very similar to what binance and bybit have with their “Sub-accounts”. Is there a way to do this right now with the current API? I wasn’t able to find a way.


Thanks for the question! Coinbase Pro / Exchange supports the use of “Profiles”. A Profile can be thought of as a “Portfolio”. You can create a new Profile, and then a corresponding api key for that Profile within the Exchange UI. API keys are tied to a specific Profile, which can then be permissioned with View / Trade / Transfer permissions. All actions taken using an api key will be permissioned only for a given Profile.

Here are the Profile api reference docs: Get profiles | Coinbase Cloud

Presently, api keys are managed within the UI only.

Hi but Coinbase Pro was shut down last month. There are forcing everyone to go to Coinbase Advanced Trade


I understand. I would post this question in the Advanced Trade API - Coinbase Cloud Forum forum, as the Advanced Trade API team will be more than happy to assist you!

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