How to access automated trading APIs as a new user

Hi there. I’m working with a friend who is developing an trading bot using the Cloudbase Pro APIs.

The Api documentation that I can find indicates that you need to create and provide an API Key, API Secret and a Passphrase that you provided when creating the API key (Authorization and Authentication ( When I generate an API Key in my new Cloudbase account, I am not asked to provide a Passphrase. What should I use for this field when trying to access the Pro APIs?

Here’s an example of what I see when I click on the ‘API’ section in my profile page.

When I click to add a new Api key, I receive a 2-step verification, then am directed to a screen like this:

Side-note: I may not be signed up for the right account somehow. I opened a new Cloudbase account. When I tried to create a Pro account, it told me that those are deprecated in favor of Advance Trading. When I tried to sign up for an Advanced Trading account, it didn’t seem to be any different than a regular Cloudbase account.

Any help/guidance you can offer would be appreciated.

Hello @espoir! Welcome to the Developer’s forum and thank you for taking an interest in Coinbase Cloud services!

Based on your scenario, we can see that you actually intend to use Coinbase Pro APIs but are only able to sign-up with Advanced Trading due to Coinbase Pro’s foreseen deprecation. Related to this, please note that you can still sign-up for a Coinbase Pro account by clicking on Sign-In here. You will only be prompted to input your credentials to authorize Coinbase Pro and you’ll have your Coinbase Pro account ready. With your Coinbase Pro account, you can now start generating API Keys by referring to this documentation and have it utilized on your intended use case. Rest assured that we will not begin sunsetting Pro APIs until we have the replacement ready for our current customers.

However, please keep in mind that as announced in June 2022, we’ll be replacing Coinbase Pro with Advanced Trade on Coinbase to give customers a streamlined trading experience and access to all other popular Coinbase features from one account. Advanced Trade will offer a new REST API for trading and order management, plus a WebSocket protocol for real-time market data. In the meantime, please bear with us as the Team is still hard at work on completing the Retail Advanced Trade API including its documentation and unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA for the launch date at this time. You can view from time to time our announcements here in the Coinbase Cloud developer forum as this is where we post our latest important updates. Also, you can look into our help center the details about Retail Advanced Trade API including the transitioning from Coinbase Pro.

We hope this helps. Please feel free to reply back to this thread if you need further assistance.

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