Using the “portfolios” feature that Coinbase Pro had

I want to give my API key and Secret to a trading bot, but I don’t want to give them full access to my account with all of my money in it.

I saw in the old Coinbase Pro, there was a “Portfolios” feature, and you could withdraw some money to that portfolio, then create an API key off of it. This is very similar to what binance and bybit have with their “Sub-accounts”. Is there a way to do this right now with the current API? I wasn’t able to find a way.

I am also looking for this since I was in the process of integrating the Coinbase Advanced Trade API with my platform. The portfolios feature was too good. I wonder if Advanced Trade API offers anything that is similar.

Hey @vehn! Thank you for using Advanced Trade API. We understand you are interested in the portfolio feature. Currently, we do not offer a sub-account feature. We will share an update regarding this feature as soon this is a part of the Advanced Trade API. But you can create multiple API keys with different permissions.

For example, you can create an API key with only “view” permissions, which allows the bot to monitor the account without the ability to trade or withdraw funds. You can also create an API key with “trade” permissions, which allows the bot to place trades but not withdraw funds.

It is important to note that you should only give API keys to trusted trading bots and should never share their API secret key with anyone. You should also secure their account with two-factor authentication and use a strong password to prevent unauthorized access to their account.

We hope this answers your question. Do let us know in case you have any other questions or concerns.

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Are you going to implement this feature in the future ? This is incredibly important, it allows user to track different portfolios / strategy and, more importantly, provide safety in having one bot only able to access a subset of funds and assets. Having various API keys with different permissions does not help.

Yes, read announcements.

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