Api key attached to 1 portfolio/profile, but I can see all portfolios

Create an API key and you assign it to a portfolio/profile when it’s created on the front end of coinbase pro.
Supposedly this API key can only see portfolios/profile attached to this API key. Due the nature of the tool, you can only assign 1 API key to 1 portfolio/profile.
Now do a listProfiles() and you get all the portfolios listed in the account.
What am I doing wrong? Should I only be able to see the one portfolio which is assigned to that API key? Why do i get the entire list of Portfolios?


Just figured out, you can view all profiles, but you can’t trade with them. They are attached to the API Key

Hi @kls, Thank you for letting us know that you have figured it out. Many traders want to try new strategies in production, rather than leveraging sandbox environments, portfolios offer an easy way to create a new and segregated environment for new types of trades. Creation and management of API keys is available in your account for every portfolio (existing API keys work for your default portfolio and functionality does not change with this launch). Transfers are instantaneous and free between Coinbase Pro portfolios.

You may also visit this link to know more about Portfolio: https://help.coinbase.com/en/pro/managing-my-account/other/portfolios-faq

Thank you.

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