OAuth2 access token support for Advanced Trade API

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Through my own testing, I confirmed that I can authenticate my API calls to the Advanced Trade API using properly scoped OAuth2 access tokens – this is great! Is there a reason why the Advanced Trade API documentation doesn’t reflect that it also supports OAuth2 (on top of API key authentication)?

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Hello @ian-ridian! We are glad in your enthusiasm in testing out our new Coinbase API. With regards to your query regarding OAuth2 not being reflected/specified in the documentation for Advanced Trade, OAuth2 is one of the two options (API Key Authentication is the other) we have when authenticating our calls in Sign in with Coinbase. You may check here in the documentation where it says “You can use the same API Key authentication scheme for both the Advanced Trade API (v3) and Sign In API (v2) although you will need different scopes.”

We hope we were able to give clarification with regards to your question. Thank you!


Hi @Faker, thanks for the response! To clarify, I was able to confirm that OAuth2 access tokens (with the new Advanced Trade API scopes) also worked against Advanced Trade endpoints.

We’d love to use OAuth2 with AT for our integration, but wanted to learn if there was a reason why the docs only say API key authentication is supported for the new API.

Thank you!

Hello @ian-ridian! Thanks for letting us know this all worked out. We appreciate you for checking on this and we’re glad to inform you that this feedback was already raised to the relevant team. Although some features were already made public for the Advance Trade API, please note that the team is still hard at work building all the remaining APIs and its corresponding documentation.

Also, please be reminded that the launched Advanced Trade API is still in Beta which means that it is in the stage of development. However, you can expect the updates when we transition the Advance Trade API to its full version. In the meantime, you may often visit the Changelog section in the documentation to get updates on the changes. We also recommend you to post this in the Feedback Section of the Developer Forum as most new features and improvements to Coinbase come directly from feedback like yours, so it’s very valuable to us. Thank you and have a great day!

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