New API is initially "disabled" and doesn't show the API Secret code

I’m trying to generate an API with Secret so that I can link Coinbase to my Blockpit account (since they bought Accointing). I’m using Crome in the incognito mode. The problem seems to be that when I initially generate the API, it is blocked, and no API Secret is provided. After the pop up is gone, I can enable that API, but of course the pop up with the API Secret is gone at that point. Can you help me fix this issue?

Hi @DiverDave!

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this. We will surely help you with this.

Please note that you will not be able to view your API Secret on your created API Key, it is only during the API Key creation process that you will be able to see its corresponding API Secret. Therefore, we recommend you to create a new API Key on your Coinbase account by following this process: We highly recommend that you take note of these credentials and store them in a safe place. Again, you cannot view your API Secret by clicking ‘Show’ once the pop-up window has already been shown.

If creating a new API Key did not show the API Secret, we recommend that you first rule out the options below.
Please verify your API version - If your API version is outdated, update it to the latest version.
You can do this by visiting
Scroll to the bottom → under API Version and Notifications, check your API Version: XXXX-XX-XX
Click on the “UPGRADE” adjacent to the API Version
And then try creating a new API Key
If you are trying to generate an API Key on a device that is newly verified, we recommend that you also try logging in to your Coinbase account after 48 hours.
When logging in to your Coinbase account, you may receive an email from Coinbase with the subject of “New Device Confirmation” - please check your spam and trash folders in case the email was routed there.
If you do receive this email, please click on the button for “I Authorize This Computer”.
Try to create an API key again.
If you are experiencing this issue on a desktop computer, please:
Update your browser to the latest version.
Try reproducing the issue in incognito mode.
Clear your browser’s cache and restart your browser.
Test if the issue still occurs on a different browser (we recommend Google Chrome).
Try signing out of, then back into, Coinbase.

If you are experiencing this issue via the mobile web, a tablet, or a Windows phone:

Coinbase is not optimised for these platforms. Please use the desktop website or an iOS/Android smartphone.
Additionally, for security reasons, Coinbase requires a 48-hour wait period on the API key created on a new device. This is part of our layered security features to protect customer digital assets.

We hope this helps. If the issue still persists, please provide below info:
Have you completed the device verification?

Can you confirm if you created the API key on devices that have completed device verification more than 48 hours ago? You can check this by looking under the “Confirmed Devices” heading under - it shows you the browser, OS, IP address and time since you first used that device to access your Coinbase account.
We request you share the screenshots/screen-recordings of the steps that you have taken while creating the API Keys, omitting any personal info.
We hope this helps, do let us know in case you have facing any more issues or concerns.

We hope this helps.

Please note my specific comment: “The problem seems to be that when I initially generate the API, it is blocked, and no API Secret is provided.” I’ve seen this canned response before, but you did not address the issue of the API initially being blocked, and therefore, the API Secret was not visible. Please advise.

Still nothing heard. Please advise.

Hi @DiverDave! Can you please try it in a different browser? Preferably in a browser with no plugins or incognito mode once? We have seen some issues with Safari too. Do let us know after trying if you were able to see the key secret.

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