Can't create api key

I’ve been trying to create a new API key for two days but I’ve been unsuccessful. I checked the dev tools and it seems one end point is returning error code 500. I’ve contacted coinbase and they’ve still not been able to fix the issue.

Hi @doe! Welcome to the forum!

We’re happy to help, but first we need you provide the following information in order for us to investigate your concern further:

  • Can you share with us what endpoint you encountered a 500 status code error response?
  • Can you please provide us the case or ticket number when you submit this concern to us?

Looking forward to your response. Thank you and have a nice day!


Hello @doe. We appreciate you reaching out to us about the situation.

The team of specialists had worked on a fix regarding this reported issue about API key creation. And so, we are pleased to inform you that the issue with API key creation should now be resolved. You may now be able to create a new API key.

We would like to confirm if it’s already working on your end. Thank you!