List Accounts Endpoint Does not Display BTC Wallet

There seems to be a problem with the List Accounts endpoint. It correctly displays the balances of my various wallets, but my BTC wallets are missing from the output. As you can see from the screenshot below, my API key has all permissions with respect to the BTC wallet. This shouldn’t be a pagination problem, as have only associated the API key with a few wallets. Is anyone else having this problem? Even if I give the API key permission to access all wallets, the problem persists. Does anyone have any suggestions what the problem might be? I thank you in advance.

Hello @Worf! Thank you for taking an interest in trying out Coinbase APIs. For the details regarding your concern, we will check on this for you with our team. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!

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Hi @Worf! To be able to investigate your concern further, please answer the following:

  1. Can you confirm if you are using the List Accounts or Get Account endpoint?
  2. Are you using any pagination parameter? If yes, what parameters did you use?
  3. Please send a snapshot of your API request and the API payload response.

We will await your response. Thanks!

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  1. I am using the list accounts endpoint not the get accounts endpoint. They seem to be the same absent sending the account UUID.
  2. I am not using any pagination parameter. As seen in the screenshot above, I am only associating my API key with a few wallets.
  3. Here is the code I am using:
get_accounts <- function() {
  request_path <- "/api/v3/brokerage/accounts"
  url <- paste0(get_base_url(), request_path)
  method <- "GET"
  signature <- sign_request(method = method, request_path = request_path)
  response <- VERB(method, url, add_headers(sign_request(signature))
  response <-, "text")))
  if (("message" %in% colnames(response))) {

Here is a screenshot of the the response as an R dataframe. As you can see, I receive all balances except the BTC wallets with the code above. From my previous post, you can see that the API key is indeed associated with BTC wallets.

Hello @Worf! Thank you so much for your patience as we continue to investigate your concern. We would like to ask you to retry your request and provide a query parameter of limit=250 and please let us know if the issue persists after retrying the request.

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Thank you very much! @bazinga This seemed to resolve the problem. The BTC wallet is now showing. I appreciate your help with this.