Check deposits under api-deposits

I am using the following endpoint : Deposits in a coinbase account. Actually I get an empty list which is quite surprising. I checked that my api key has * wallet:deposits:read permissions and I can also query nearly all endpoints and they return something meaningful, for instance i can get all wallets under the same account. But unfortunately list-deposits does not work.
Can Coinbase confirm the endpoint works?

Hello @farslan! Thank you for your patience. Turns out our team was able to hit this endpoint with a fiat account/wallet with a prior deposit, and we’ve got a valid response. It appears that the endpoint is working as expected.

Can we please confirm if you’re using an account_id associated with a fiat wallet/account and that the wallet has had deposits in it? Otherwise, you will receive an empty list as a response.


Hi Camille,
I understand that it only shows fiat deposits. I was using this endpoint to check if a deposit to a crypto account has been succeeded. Actually, when this endpoint has been called for a crypto account like SOL, ETH, it only returns an empty list instead of a warning saying that “account is for a crypto account.”

I think transactions-api should be used in order to check crypto deposits, right?

Hello @farslan! Thank you, first of all, for your feedback. We can confirm that you can use a GET request for the /transactions endpoint in order to check for crypto wallet transactions. This is because when crypto wallets are involved, any transfer to/from a crypto wallet qualifies as a transaction rather than a deposit. The type of transaction will be shown in the response such as “buy”, “sell” and “sent”. The “sent” type are the transactions sent to/from that coinbase wallet. We will see about opening a request for a callout on the documentation regarding this.