Missing EUR/USD wallets on accounts endpoint

Hi, I’m new to the coinbase API, im having a problem where I can’t find the user’s funds, e.g the fiat wallets ? I can see everything else fine, BTC, ETH, etc…

Am I missing a scope or anything of the sort ? The scopes I’m using are: wallet:accounts:read,wallet:payment-methods:read,wallet:buys:create

Hi @Ryan,

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To view the user’s fiat wallets, you can use the GET https://api.coinbase.com/v2/currencies endpoint. This endpoint will list known fiat currencies and their associated codes. For more detailed information, you can use the GET https://api.coinbase.com/v2/users endpoint with additional scopes.

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Hi @Sandy thanks for the quick reply, as I understand it the currencies endpoint lists all of known fiat currencies, however this wasn’t my question. I’m asking about the current balance of a user in a specific fiat currency. I can probably compute it using all transactions and deposits done on the account but this is of course less than ideal.

Regarding the users endpoint, the documentation shows that it’s deprecated, the example of answers also don’t seem to include any sort of information regarding balances in fiat currencies?

I use the /api/v3/brokerage/accounts endpoint and loop over all the accounts. When HasNext is true then I use the cursor to query additional accounts. Is this what you’re looking for?


Hi @Okrah thank you for the tip. I’m using the “sign in with coinbase” API, and specifically the accounts endpoint (Wallet API: Accounts | Coinbase Cloud). As per Coinbase documentation the endpoint returns data corresponding the wallets of the user who is signed in. That includes crypto and fiat wallets, and as such there should be a EUR wallet and a USD wallet showing in the results if the user has funds on their account in these currencies. As it stands right now the results I get from this endpoint show no fiat wallet at all, I’m using my own Coinbase account for testing which has funds deposited. I also double-checked based on your answer and I only get one page of results in which there are no fiat wallet.

I looked at this issue again today, and now it seems I’m only getting one result which is the BTC wallet and nothing else. Last time I tried, I was getting everything except fiat. I really think something weird is going on with scopes.

According to Coinbase docs:

So when I authenticate why does it ask me for a specific wallet ? And this still does not solve my problem of finding out how much fiat a user has on their account.

For anyone having the same issue, or not being able to get all the wallets of a user the solution is to add the account=all in the authorize url that the user will get redirected to.

And By. The. Way. this is not documented anywhere in the official documentation for oauth with Coinbase…