/accounts endpoint

I’ve generated a crytpo address for LTC.

But why am I not seeing this asset when I call the accounts endpoint for both v2 and v3 APIs.

Also, the behavior of the /accounts endpoint is weird. How can I create an address for LTC via the /addresses endpoint if I don’t even have the account id for the LTC Wallet. :grimacing:

Hello @goodboy! Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We tried it on our end and we were able to view the LTC account when we called the List Accounts endpoint on both Sign in with Coinbase and Advanced Trade API. Therefore, we would like to request that you check if you permitted your LTC account when you created your API key. If you did not, we recommend you to create another API key and permit your LTC account this time. After making sure that your LTC account is now permitted, try calling the List Accounts endpoint again to double check.

If you still cannot retrieve your LTC account, then we ask that you create a ticket with the link of this forum post using the email address associated to your Coinbase account and someone from Coinbase could further investigate your concern.

We hope we were able to help. Have a great day!