Calling all Advanced Traders! Help Shape the future of our APIs

Hey developer community! We’re thrilled to build the next wave of features and improvements on Coinbase Advanced APIs, and want YOUR insights. :thinking: What tools or improvements would make your trading even smoother? Share your thoughts, and let’s shape the future of trading together!

ICYMI, here are some recent launches that we delivered based on your feedback:

  • Coinbase Advanced Python SDK -Kickstart your API journey with a Python package that makes it easy to interact with the Coinbase Advanced API. The SDK handles authentication, HTTP connections, and provides helpful methods for interacting with the API.

  • Advanced Trade Portfolios is now in Beta - a much awaited feature allows you to create new trading environment via “portfolios”, and segregate trading strategies or operate multiple managed accounts. Test it out and give us your feedback.

  • Simplified Key creation process via Cloud API Trading Keys - We have significantly improved API Key creation process by merging it with our cloud platform. Note: Cloud API Trading keys are new and may not be supported by all third-party applications. Meanwhile, our legacy key authentication method will continue to work and must be used if you need access to both Advanced Trade and Sign in with Coinbase APIs.

Your feedback fuels our innovation! Please share your ideas so that we can help you in your trading journey.


More messaging prompts

Coinbase has the ability to convert coins using the convert TAB.

1.) Please provide the ability to do this with Advanced Trade APIs
2.) Provide the ability to specify Quantity
(Currently I think it is all available or none)

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Instead of working on new features you might want to work on resolving current active issues on your platform?



How about first delivering what you promised? To me Advanced Trade APIs does not offer equivalent functionality. From announcement:

Coinbase Pro APIs will not be impacted or sunsetted until a suitable replacement is available on Coinbase Advanced Trade.

Later this fall, Advanced Trade will have API support for both REST and Websocket protocols. Advanced Trade has the same order types and fee structure as Coinbase Pro.

We will not sunset Pro APIs until we have an equivalent REST and WebSocket API for advanced trading publicly available on Coinbase. We will provide sufficient time to migrate to the new trading API before the Pro APIs are sunsetted.

APIs are sunsetted! Where is suitable replacement?

  • websocket status channel does not allow to monitor all products, I was doing that in Pro;
  • I can not make the market buy specifying base size, I am forced to use quote size getting random amounts in base that I can not fully sell because precision does not allow that;
  • Advanced still has minimum/maximum base sizes… I can buy ~0.055 SOL for about ~5 EUR. Can I sell it? No because the minimum is 0.08 SOL… SOL is just example here;
  • Advanced Trade websocket is disappointment, Pro websocket was/is way better. For example AT level2 channel batches updates ~500ms while Pro channel tried to deliver as soon as possible and had dedicated batch channel and even that grouped changes in 50ms not half second!;
  • I believe that it is still not possible to get delisted products, is it?

Not to mention that Pro/Exchange still has 0.6% taker and 0.4% maker while Advanced fees after migration was increased (without any announcements) to 1% taker and 0.6% maker.

Sorry but from my point of view there is no single improvement. In one or other way things are worse than it was with Pro!

Well these things just worked in Pro!


Hi Justin. Have you tried our Convert feature in Advanced APIs to see if that meets your needs? Doc here. Coinbase Cloud

Documentation clearly says:

Supported conversions are USD to USDC and USDC to USD

So how that API can meet his needs?

I wish the candle creation system would be reliable and work in real time to allow the developers to utilize new candles immediately after the candle close time is finished. This technology has been a part of other exchanges’ APIs for a good while now.

Using real time data is needed for any algorithms which trade sub 4h candles. At the moment on low volume pairs it often takes minutes to get the latest candle values, and at least 10-12s on high volume pairs.

Detailed examples of the current flaws here

Definitely a must have: basic services that work

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With regards to transfers:

  1. The ability to specify the network for outbound transfers would be a great addition…
    Wallet API: Transactions | Coinbase Cloud

Tokens such as matic vary from exchange-to-exchange on supported networks, and there is no API options today for specifying the network.

  1. The ability to add a “Wildcard erc20” whitelist address. When a new token gets listed, today algo traders must add a new whitelist +wait the approval delay, for an address which is the same as for other existing erc20 seems like an over-protection. This results with dozens of duplicate entries for the same destination address, 1 per token in the whitelist page. What would it take to be able to add a Single allowlist for all erc20-supported tokens?
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Shoot, I was building a project using Coinbase. Can’t specify outbound network :scream:?!
Deal breaker. Very much needed.

Made a post regrading this under feedback, hope it can be added soon.

It would be awesome if you complete at least what you promised - Important Update for Coinbase Pro API Users.

  1. There is no Level2 real time order book - updates just every 0.5 second
  2. No real time trades feed
  3. No test server/environment - please create one
    1. 6… - see link above

It would be nice to know exact date when it planned to be complete.

Please fix it and fulfill your promises. Do not just jump into new tasks if you did not finish old one :smile:

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Welcome to the developer forum! Duly noted your feedback. We are working on some of these requests and will announce in the forum and change logs once they are available.

on CoinBase Pro the current price of the Crypto was Displayed on all tabs regardless if it is open or not. CoinBase Advanced only displays it on an open active browser window. It would be nice to have them displayed on all tabs even if they are not active.


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The old pro api had a currencies endpoint that returned information on individual currencies instead of pairs. Any thoughts on bringing this endpoint back?