Calling all Advanced Traders! Help Shape the future of our APIs!

Hey developer community! We’re thrilled to build the next wave of features and improvements on Coinbase Advanced APIs, and want YOUR insights. :thinking: What tools or improvements would make your trading even smoother? Share your thoughts, and let’s shape the future of trading together!

ICYMI, here are some recent launches that we delivered based on your feedback:

  • Coinbase Advanced Python SDK -Kickstart your API journey with a Python package that makes it easy to interact with the Coinbase Advanced API. The SDK handles authentication, HTTP connections, and provides helpful methods for interacting with the API.

  • Advanced Trade Portfolios is now in Beta - a much awaited feature allows you to create new trading environment via “portfolios”, and segregate trading strategies or operate multiple managed accounts. Test it out and give us your feedback.

  • Simplified Key creation process via Cloud API Trading Keys - We have significantly improved API Key creation process by merging it with our cloud platform. Note: Cloud API Trading keys are new and may not be supported by all third-party applications. Meanwhile, our legacy key authentication method will continue to work and must be used if you need access to both Advanced Trade and Sign in with Coinbase APIs.

Your feedback fuels our innovation! Please share your ideas so that we can help you in your trading journey.