Specify Network on "sign-in-with-coinbase" Transfer API

When transferring cryptocurrency from Coinbase to a wallet using the Sign-In-with-Coinbase API you are unable to specify the network you with to transfer on.

The Ethereum ecosystem is the largest ecosystem with most developed, trusted dApps & marketplaces, and it is sensible especially for the Sign-In-with-Coinbsae API that you won’t be a large firm trading but rather an independent developer or somebody working on a small scale project such as myself.

Required to use the Ethereum L1 network or apply for an institution account (in which I did) to gain the Exchange API to specify network is really a hard pill to swallow and has me looking to other exchanges and their APIs.

The summary of this feedback is, please allow developers to specify the network on a transaction, as-well as being able to pull the supported networks from the API for a specific currency.

i.e. such as the Exchange API: https://api.exchange.coinbase.com/currencies/USDC

Thank you!

Hoping to get movement on this post, please!

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Is there a good place to submit feature requests such as this?

Hey @Soarin! Thank you for your feedback! I will share this with the development team and will share any updates they give on this. Please keep in touch!


Absolutely fantastic, thank you Loop_11! :slightly_smiling_face:

+1 This. Please provide updates. Thank you