Advanced Trading API release date

I’d like to use the new Coinbase Advanced Trade API.
From the website page, API release planned to be released on the mid of 2022, but at the time of writing we are almost in September. I believe the release date is delayed.

Does anybody know exactly when the API will be released?

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Hello @paolop! We appreciate your support in trying Coinbase APIs.

As of now the team is still hard at work on building Advanced Trading API, and we expect it to launch over the next few months. Unfortunately, we cannot provide an ETA for the launch date of the API at this time, but we will post an announcement here in the Developer Forum when we have more details on the launch date.

For the meantime, you can read more about Coinbase Advanced Trade and a breakdown of how it compares to Coinbase Pro at the following links:

Thank you!


Hi @Lioness ! Regardless of the exact launch date, I’m wondering if the team is planning on adding a grace period where Coinbase Advanced Trading’s API is already up, while Coinbase Pro’s API is still fully working.

This would be helpful for us developer teams to transition from Coinbase Pro’s API to Coinbase Advanced Trading’s API without any downtime.

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Hello @patrickoliveras! Welcome to the Developer’s Forum. Yes, there will be a lengthy grace period for Pro API users to migrate over to Advanced Trading API.


Hello @Coinbase,

It looks like coinbase pro API is already deprecating (removing) features. We can no longer transfer funds from coinbase to coinbase pro. Until the new API is working please re-enable this feature. Also, we would like to request advanced trading api maintain the same capabilities and keep the PORTFOLIOS. This is a great feature and it looks like it might be removed.

We are using both coinbase API and coinbase pro together; we need a unique deposit address and portfolios. For security and fund management we want to separate funds and protect or assets from loss due to any single API key.

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this is the error message - {“errors”:“Status code 403 {"message":"As we transition Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade, transfers from to Pro are no longer available."}”}

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Hello @xprocoinpay :wave:

We apologize for the delayed response.

As we prepare for the transition from Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade, we are shifting our development efforts to the Coinbase app. As a result, deposits from to Coinbase Pro are no longer available. While you are unable to transfer funds from to Coinbase Pro, you can still deposit and withdraw to your Coinbase Pro crypto addresses or fiat accounts.

With regard to your query to keep the “Portfolios” feature, Coinbase is assessing user needs for Portfolios and other advanced features. Please see the following announcement and check our help page regarding this. You may also share any product feedback or requests for Advanced Trade in this survey.

Additionally, for any other feedback or feature requests that you may have, we recommend you to post it in the Feedback Section of the Developer Forum.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. We’ll keep you posted regarding the roll-out of Advanced Trading API on this forum.

Thank you!

The Advanced Trade API category looks like it was setup on this forum yesterday so hopefully that means it’s just around the corner

Thanks @0C3D ! Advanced Trade APIs are now live indeed. Everyone can check out our Public Beta here - Advanced Trade API Overview - @xprocoinpay @paolop

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Hello Arood,
Coinbase API Features
We have reviewed the advanced API, this is supposed to be a replacement for coinbase exchange/pro API but lacks most features of coinbase and coinbase pro. The existing APIs are very capable and has all the features we need, is it possible to keep the API alive while deprecating the pro user interface? Please find attached document with all endpoints our system requires.


It doesn’t currently have many of the features of pro/exchange. How to deposit and generate deposit addresses?

It also, lacks any support for portfolios/profiles to segregate funds.

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Pro API end points we use

bump for xprocoinpay, I am curious about the resolution of his question