Introducing Python library for the Coinbase Advanced Trade API

Hey folks :wave:

After migrating my apps from CoinbasePro to Coinbase Advanced endpoints, I ended up creating a library that I have been using for some months now to consume REST endpoints conveniently.

Iā€™m open-sourcing it to the community so you can benefit and help improve/extend it.

Github Repo
PyPi Link


Hi @fox89! We appreciate your time and effort in sharing this information with the community. This would surely help a lot of developers who have been looking for open-sourced python library that may be utilized with the endpoints of our newest Coinbase product, the Advanced Trade. We hope to see more of you as we continue to build an informative yet friendly community in our Developer Forum. Thank you and have a great day!

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Testing it out now! Forked as karadikid!

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