What is the preferred Python library for interacting the Coinbase API?

I used to use coinbase · PyPI, but seems to have stopped development a number of years ago . I really only want to do limit buys and sells, check the status of open orders, and use a sandbox to test my calls.

Hi @laredotornado! Thank you for being part of this amazing forum community!
Can you please confirm which API are you referring to? Advanced Trade?

I was referring to the advanced trade – I assumed that was the only API that could execute buy/sell limit orders for more traditional cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH).

Hi @laredotornado . Thank you for the question. You can find details of official Python SDK for Advanced Trade API here. Happy trading!

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Thanks for this suggestion. Have you actually used this library? I ask because It doesn’t seem like there are many people using or talking about it online, and my concern is that unless there is broad support, I might start using a library, only to find it gets scrapped because of lack of interest.

Hi @laredotornado. I’m from the Coinbase Advanced Product team and we recently launched official Python SDK to support coders like yourself. Please feel free to try and let us know how we can improve it.