What is the post body fee in the /withdrawals/crypto endpoint?

I have been reading the documentation on https://api-public.sandbox.exchange.coinbase.com/withdrawals/crypto trying to understand what the post body “fee” property is used for. Can anyone provide some insight on what it is used for?

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Making a withdrawal requires the following steps:

  1. Click on “TRANSFER” on the home screen of your app.
  2. Select “WITHDRAW”
  3. Pick “CRYPTO”
  4. Choose “External Wallet”
  5. Find the withdrawal address you whitelisted and tap “Withdraw”
  6. Enter the amount needed and tap “Withdraw”

Rachel Gomez

I’m also interested in the answer here. @RachelGomez answer completely ignored the question

Hi @dd001, first of all, we’d like to thank you for participating in this dev forum. We do apologize for the delayed response. We actually escalated this case to a team of specialists and they found out that there is a missing parameter in the documentation which is the add_network_fee_to_total . It is a boolean flag to add the network fee on top of the amount to be withdrawn via the API. If this is blank, it will default to deducting the network fee from the amount.