Calculate network fees for transactions

In reference to this question How to get network fees before creating a send transaction - #5 by teft

It sounds like there isn’t a way to request the network fees and that they should be calculated manually. Is there a suggested way to do this? Is there a flat fee percentage you charge for every crypto (or for each individual crypto)? Depending on the chain there’s unknown variables to us. For example, Cardano transaction fees depend on the transaction size, but depending on how many input UTXOs you guys use (amongst other things) that would change the resulting network fee.

A nice to have would be creating a transaction where you specify the amount and the network fees would be extracted from that given amount (potentially with a flag on whether to commit it or not so that we could see the estimated network fee that was extracted). Right now I’m not sure of a good way to empty all the crypto from an account because I need to take the full amount but then subtract what I think the fees would be (which again I’m not sure how to estimate).

This would be similar to how Advanced Trade “create order” works. You specify an amount (eg $10) and then the fees are pulled from that (eg $9.90 crypto purchase, $0.10 used as fees).

Hi @teft

We’d be happy to provide some clarity about this issue.
When you buy, sell, or convert your cryptocurrency, Coinbase may charge fees. These fees are determined by market conditions, which may change over time. Before you complete a transaction, you can review the fee details by selecting the icon next to “Coinbase fee.”
Please note: that we do not charge a fee to receive and store cryptocurrency. In addition, sending crypto to another Coinbase customer’s email address is free. If you are sending to an address outside of Coinbase, you will then have to pay for network or miner fees.
To learn more about our fees, please read:
Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions on this topic, please let us know.

The question was more how to calculate the network/miner fees when transferring crypto off of the account. Currently I’m unaware of any way to “send all” crypto from account as there’s no way to clearly calculate those mining fees for any given crypto.

Hi @teft

Unfortunately, we don’t expose these fee endpoints but its automatically calculated while making a buy, sell or convert. Apologies for the delayed response, however we don’t have a feature that is currently available that let’s you calculate the fee.