Trading Fee Calculation Question


I’ve been reviewing this fee page to fully understand how Coinbase charges for trades. The documentation seems thorough but I have one question. The doc indicates that all fee percentages are based on calculated USD trading volume for the past 30 days and that any trades between non-USD cryptos are first converted to USD values before calculating the USD trading volume. My question is, for two non-USD cryptos that both have USD as trading pairs (ie ETH-USD and BTC-USD) which is used for the USD conversion in an ETH-BTC trade?

Hi @ptavares We use Candles service which sources the rates from the corresponding ${quote}-USD book. For an ETH-BTC trade, the USD conversion rate used for calculating the USD trading volume is the current BTC-USD exchange rate. We hope this answers your question. Do let us know in case you have any more questions or concerns.

@Loop_11 , thanks for the reply. Regarding ETH-BTC using the BTC-USD exchange rate… does this mean that any CRYPTO1-CRYPTO2 trade will always use CRYPTO2-USD exchange rate for the volume calculation?

@ptavares That is correct. For now we have taken this as a feedback and soon the changes should be made to add the above details. Thank you again for the input. Let us know in case you have any more questions or concerns.