API/Product to exchange USD to ETH, Blockchain Web Services

Hi, developing Blockchain Web Services (doc.bws.ninja) to enable users call Smart Contracts easily. For that purpose we require to exchange USD to ETH just before a user calls our registered smart contracts. Which coinbase product is suitable for such case?
Thank you.

Hello @bws. Welcome to the forum! Thank you for taking interest in our Coinbase API services.

If the requirement is to convert one currency to another, we recommend you to use Coinbase Pro/Exchange API specifically its Conversions endpoint. However, as of now, this endpoint only supports the USDC - USD pair. Hence, there’s still no possible way of exchanging USD-ETH via the API.

You may still explore and track the ETH-USD trading via the Coinbase Pro website which you can find here: https://pro.coinbase.com/trade/ETH-USD

Thank you!


Hello @riza.espiritu … so are you saying currently there is now way to convert trading pair crypto currencies to one another using the conversions api endpoints? Example being converting ETH to BTC then BTC to ATOM.