Websocket will sometimes not allow subscription to user channel

I have seen this come and go many times, but right now i’m stuck getting this response: {“type”:“error”,“message”:“failure to subscribe”}

heartbeat works fine, and this exact same code has worked and will work again soon for the user channel. Why does this keeping periodically failing? And can the status.coinbase.com page be updated when it is failing?

I see same problem/error!

In general the advanced API v3 seems far less stable and reliable than the old pro API (REST and websocket). Are there plans to improve this? (Note all the 502 errors)

This is now magically working again.

The past 3 days have been especially bad:

We start seeing this issue in November… but the last few days are setting ATH’s.

Hi @griscruf @muktupavels @mrChuy ! Thank you for your patience. This was reported to our internal team as a bug by us. After reviewing they mentioned that they have redeployed the services. One of the users mentioned that this is working now. Please let us know in case you are still facing issues with this.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi, I keep getting this exact same error when trying to subscribe to the users channel.
Sometimes it works, but a lot of times it doesn’t.

Can you re-investigate please?

If you can let me know if there is anything I am, or could be, doing wrong, I would be very grateful - although I don’t think there is, as it sometimes works.

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I also get this error, and it’s very hard to work around. I retry every few seconds and eventually get through. But it can take multiple minutes of retrying. Please resolve this!