{"type":"error","message":"failure to subscribe"}

i always get failure to subscribe when subscribe user channel when it is in product enviornment,
and in product enviornment every ten minute, i will success to subscribe One out of ten. and i can subscribe heartbeats channel

but it always be success in dev enviornment, why .


The user channel has been unstable for me lately as well. The connection keeps resetting and when it reconnects I get the “failure to subscribe” error. No issues with the heartbbeats channel, though.

when failure to subscribe , heartbeat channel return {“channel”:“subscriptions”,“client_id”:“”,“timestamp”:“2023-11-21T10:44:04.525665183Z”,“sequence_num”:0,“events”:[{“subscriptions”:{“heartbeats”:[“heartbeats”]}}]} without user id,
i find the 2023-11-21 7:00-8:00 always return “failure to subscribe” error, and work well at about 8:00 itself

I have also seen this starting recently, maybe the last two weeks? This level of instability is not acceptable in a production trading engine. Can we get some information here?

Hi @froggengo @brendano257 ! Thank you for sharing this with us. We are looking into it and will share an update with you soon. Please keep in touch.

Could you also direct me to where this error message is documented. I have seen it and had to update the code, fortunately, it was not seen by my customers. I want to make sure that I know all the error messages and their reason.
Thank you

The user stream seems to be down. Usually works after a few retries but it seems to be rejecting all subscriptions requests at the moment.

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I am seeing the same issue - all requests on the user channel are being rejected with generic message “failure to subscribe”

Any rough estimate for when this might be addressed?

This is rather unfortunate if you have more than 1000 orders open, since the List Orders | Coinbase Cloud endpoint caps you on orders but the user channel doesnt.

The limit per request is 1K orders, but you can page through all of them using the cursor query param to get all your open orders.

Except that endpoint is broken as well:

Whatever patch the devs rolled out to the websockets from 12-3am pacific seemed to work… but now it is back to seeing failure to subscribe :frowning:

Edit* Added 10minute granular in case it helps the devs team figure out which node reboots from last night helped :slight_smile:

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Hi @froggengo and everyone! The team mentioned that they have redeployed the service. One of the users mentioned that it is working for him now on the support tickets that was raised. Can you please check again if you are still facing any issues with this?

I keep getting the “failure to subscribe” error today, so the issue is definitely still happening.
Can you have another look please?

For info - it’s only the user channel that returns “failure to subscribe”.
“ticker_batch” and “heartbeats” always subscribe fine first time.

The user channel eventually succeeds if I keep retrying every few seconds, sometimes takes up to 10 tries but eventually it works.

At the moment as an interim step, my subscriptions to ticker_batch and heartbeats are keeping the connection alive (because it gets disconnected if you’re not subscribed to anything within a certain time) and I’m retrying the user subscription every few seconds until it succeeds, which it eventually does.

Let me know if I can be of any help in debugging or anything.

Still having problems with it, it’s better for a day or two while you’re replying, but after a day or two it will still come up as FAILURE TO SUBSCRIBE

@bentaylor @froggengo Thank you for sharing it. I will forward it further with my internal team.

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Hi @Loop_11, all,
I’m experiencing exactly the same issue. Let me know if you need me to do some test.