Status channel closing every 60-90 secs

Is anyone else having a problem with the status channel subscription closing every minute or so? I have connection recycling routines built in however as it’s doing this it’s getting stuck in a blocking routine because the closing handshake isn’t being sent, or so I believe.

Hi @cleggink! Apologies for the delayed response. Are you still facing this issue? if yes, we will look into this for you and get back to you with an appropriate resolution. Looking forward to your response.

Sorry for my delayed reply @Loop_11 , but yes this is still happening. Luckly it is for the status channel whos data rarely changes, and i was able to catch the disconnection and reconnect. Unfortunately i can use my thread count in the stack to count the minutes the algorithm has been running. Any help would be great.

We are looking into it. We will share an update regarding this soon. Keep in touch.

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Thank you for patiently waiting @cleggink. The status channel closes every 60-90 seconds, because the status of markets doesn’t change very often, i.e. BTC-USD’s info (increment, status message, online/offline) does not change frequently within 60-90 seconds so the channel closes. Also please subscribe to the heartbeat channel along with the status channel to keep the connection open. Hope this helps. Do let us know in case you have any more questions or you need help with anything else.

@Loop_11 as i thought subscribing to the heartbeat channel was no help. My ticker subscriptions work just fine and almost never disconnect completely, there is some connection recycling due to what i can only assume is network issues every few days or so. The status channel up untill this point did the same and out of nowhere is just starteted dropping out every minute like clockwork. Granted the info almost never changes so i can grab it on the first message after subscription then allow the connection to drop, but what happens when i leave the algorithm running for weeks on end and the data does change without my knowledge?This is the main concern i have…