SOL-USD Web Socket "channel" == "ticker" down since 11/12/2023


I wasn’t sure where to report this issue. If there’s another portal, please let me know. Thank you.

About 2pm CDT on Nov 12, 2023 my application is no longer receiving “channel” == “ticker” data via WebSocket for SOL-USD. I am receiving valid “channel” == “ticker_batch” data. This code has been running for months and there is no problem for BTC-USD and ETH-USD WebSocket data. The REST API’s for SOL-USD work as expected. I also verified on another computer.

FYI, If my code detects no live price data, it reconnects. Every so often after reconnecting, I receive the following error:
“message”: “failure to subscribe”,
“type”: “error”
But I don’t think this is related.

Can someone take a look please?

Thank you, Jerry

Wow, since last week the candle feed has not been working correctly either, something is definitely up. The put a fix in place last week, seems like it has caused more problems than it has fixed!

Hey @Jerry! Thank you for using our APIs and reaching out to us regarding the issue. Our team was working on a deploy and hence the issue. Can you please check now and let us know if it is functioning properly now? Awaiting your response.

Hi @Loop_11 ,

Thanks for the update. Yep, seems to be working now.

BTW, I still see the “failure to subscribe” messages regularly. I’m going to look into that more. If I can’t resolve it, is this forum the best place to report issues?

Thanks, Jerry

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Thanks for letting us know! Happy Trading @Jerry! We will mark this as resolved now. :grin: