Candle feed not working

I have not changed my code since yesterday but started everything thing up today and cannot sign onto the candle feed, the ‘subscriptions’ message comes back empty, this is only for the “ETH-USD” pairing, the others, such as “ETH-BTC” or “ETH-EUR” are working fine. With the “ETH-USD” pairing you just get an empty subsciptions message: {“channel”:“subscriptions”,“client_id”:“”,“timestamp”:“2023-11-12T01:26:54.403404352Z”,“sequence_num”:0,“events”:[{“subscriptions”:{}}]} and then nothing, eventually the connection closes. Now the ETH-EUR pairing has stopped, so something is going on.

I have the same issue!


My app had been successfully using WebSockets for a year but within the past few days, the WebSockets have become unpredictable and unreliable.

They did a bug fix on friday, I’m guessing something got messed up. I have looked through all of the documentation as I was looking to see if there was any data re something being deprecated or some change but I cannot find anything. I am using v3 of the api and signing on with the correct data and key/signature etc. I have tested other pairings, eth, btc, eur, usd, etc. and I am getting the same results i.e. inconsistencies. The only one I have noticed that still ‘works’ is BTC-USD. I don’t know how to elevate this as no one from support has commented!

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Appears to be working properly now. Phew. I love this API !

Hello @the404 @ShAlex , the team has deployed few changes. Everything is expected to work as normal.

@Dev2 Thank you for letting us know!