WalletConnect v2.0 Support

Does Coinbase Wallet support WalletConnect 1.0 or 2.0? Does it support the universal/deep links for WalletConnect? (I see there is support for web3modal, so I am assuming there is support for at the minimum for 1.0 support. If there is not 2.0 support yet, is that on the roadmap?

Hello @kaylaatkrikey! Welcome to the forum! For the details regarding your concern, we will check on this for you with our team. We will get back to you once we have more information. Keep in touch!


hi, I can’t pay with bitcoin when I want to buy

Hello @kaylaatkrikey. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we checked this with our team. As for your inquiries, we don’t support WalletConnect but we have other ways to connect. Please refer to our Coinbase Wallet SDKs, we have both web and mobile. Also, if you are looking for a Coinbase compatible aggregator library, you can use Wagmi (headless - build your own UI) or RainbowKit (has a UI - both for web). With regard to your concern if there is a 2.0 support on the roadmap, unfortunately, we don’t disclose future roadmaps. Thank you!


Hi, I can’t get my wallet

Hello @Daniela! We’re happy to help, but first we’ll need you to provide us with the following information so that we can further assist you with the issue:

  • Can you provide additional information when you say that you cannot pay using bitcoin and you cannot get your wallet?
  • Are you receiving any error messages? If yes, please provide us the exact error message that you are encountering.

Once you send us the information requested above, we’ll work to quickly address this query.

Please also note that this forum is for queries directly related to developing using Coinbase Cloud APIs and SDKS. If the nature of your query is related to using one of our products, rather than integrating with or developing on top of Coinbase’s platform, then your query would be better served by creating a support ticket using our Contact Us form.

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Hello @Daniela! We understand that you cannot get your wallet. According to the screenshot you provided, your DApp Wallet recovery is being reviewed and should be restored to your device within 48 hours once you pass the identity verification. With that being said, we cannot further assist you regarding your concern.

If you still can’t access your DApp Wallet after 48 hours, we recommend to log your concern to our Contact Us page so that you can be assisted by the Coinbase Support team.

We appreciate your understanding. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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I’ve been waiting for a while, I gave my passport

Hi @Daniela, we understand your concern. Since your issue would be better served by creating a support ticket, we recommend you to log your query through our Contact Us form: https://help.coinbase.com/en/contact-us.

Thank you!


hello, we can’t even buy a wallet at all

Hello @Daniela! We empathize with you on this matter. But for us to be able to assist you faster, we would like to recommend that you log a ticket in our Support Site for the appropriate team to address and help you with your concern. Thank you!


I have coinbase.com, where am I, nothing is working, I don’t know what to do, more ID, and I’ll give you my passport

please, I can’t even buy the wallet, I’ll ask for help with support

please, I can’t even buy the wallet, I’ll ask for help with support