Walletlink native implementation


we are trying to implement Walletlink natively on iOS and Android to be able to Connect Coninbase Wallet and sign a message from our native apps. Is there a documentation for the websockets interface or are there some native libraries we can use for this?

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Hello @pacek. Welcome to the forum. Thank you for taking interest in trying out our Coinbase Products. We would like to inform you that Coinbase has rebranded its SDK from WalletLink to Coinbase Wallet SDK. Any references to WalletLink are outdated and should be updated to Coinbase Wallet SDK.

The supported libraries of Coinbase Wallet SDK that you can integrate with your iOS and/or Android are Web3-React, Web3Modal, Web3-Onboard, and Wagmi.

You may explore more of Coinbase Wallet at https://docs.cloud.coinbase.com/wallet-sdk/docs/welcome. Thank you!


We have implemented the web flow for message singning in the Coinbase Wallet browser. But with the version 28 the browser stopped supporting links with a custom scheme. Opening our app is currently based on that. Is it a known bug and will be fixed soon or have you just dropped support for custom schemes for switching to wallet apps?

I’ve noticed that the new browser stopped support of universal links in 28.1. as well and it was fixed in 28.2. so are you gonna support the custom schemes again as well? It looks like a universal link is not the guaranteed way how to switch user to our app.

Hello @JanZ! We’ll need to know if you experiencing this issue on iOS or Android?

Also, please do note that we have already escalated this and it is now being investigated by our engineering team. Thank you!


I can say just for iOS that it used to work in version 25.20. We’ve used a custom scheme for redirecting to our app from the web app in Coinbase Wallet browser. Now there is just a screen with “unsupported URL” error message.

Our app is in the App Store https://apps.apple.com/us/app/enter-nft-token-gating/id1623372424 so you are able to check that the custom scheme enterxyz:// is not working now.

Hi @JanZ! Thank you for your patience as we look into this. Can you please confirm if the issue still persists? If yes, can you provide us a screenshot that shows the “unsupported URL” error message you are referring to? Once you send us the requested information, we’ll work quickly to address your concerns. We’ll wait for your response.

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