Coinbase Wallet Mobile SDK for Native Android

Dear Coinbase Devs.
I hope everyone is doing great.

I began working on the integration of the Coinbase mobile native Android SDK. To do so, I referred to the example provided within the Android package of ‘wallet-mobile-SDK’. However, I encountered an inconsistency between the code in the package and the instructions outlined in the readme file. Additionally, the URLs mentioned in the readme file, which direct to the sample application, are no longer functional.

Furthermore, the code present in the ‘wallet-mobile-SDK’ Android package does not align with the content available in version com.coinbase:coinbase-wallet-sdk:1.0.4. This mismatch has made it challenging to proceed.

I kindly request assistance in locating the updated code or a sample demonstration that can aid me in establishing a connection to Coinbase Wallet in a Native Android application. Your guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Android SDK Repo

Awaiting your kind response.

Muhammad Farhan