Transaction【Show a transaction】 return [404 Not found no such object]

【List transactions】The transaction list information can be returned successfully,
【 Transaction id

【Show a transaction】=> [404 Not found no such object]
[transaction ID is 【List transactions】]

I have carefully checked the account ID and transaction ID

I have been unable to find the reason and seek your support, thank you

in the link above, there is a space, is that how it should be?

You are getting this error only for this transaction or for all of them.
Make sure you are trying to read the transaction from the same account that displays it.

Hi @yun, welcome to the forum!

In order for us to investigate further, can you provide us with a screenshot of your code calling the List of Transactions endpoint and the Show a Transaction endpoint.

Once you send us the information requested, we’ll work to quickly address this issue. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

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Thank you very much for your reminder. The problem has been solved. There is a small bug in the program

Thank you for your answer. The problem has been solved!