How to see transactions in coinbase account

I’ve done several buys using Coinbase API integrated with my web application.
The endpoint I used: POST
Request body: {amount: 0.000051, currency: “BTC”}
Response: {
“data”: {
“id”: “021a1588-33a1-557e-be3e-204c00c22122”,
“status”: “created”,
“transaction”: null,
“user_reference”: “MGF2WTTT”,
“created_at”: “2022-10-07T09:56:13Z”,
“updated_at”: “2022-10-07T09:56:14Z”,
“resource”: “buy”,
“resource_path”: “/v2/accounts//buys/021a1588-33a1-557e-be3e-204c00c22122”,
“payment_method”: {
“id”: “”,
“resource”: “payment_method”,
“resource_path”: “/v2/payment-methods/”
“committed”: true,
“payout_at”: “2022-10-07T10:11:13Z”,
“instant”: true,
“fee”: {
“amount”: “0.99”,
“currency”: “USD”
“amount”: {
“amount”: “0.00005100”,
“currency”: “BTC”
“total”: {
“amount”: “2.02”,
“currency”: “USD”
“subtotal”: {
“amount”: “1.03”,
“currency”: “USD”
“unit_price”: {
“amount”: “20196.08”,
“currency”: “USD”,
“scale”: 2
“hold_until”: null,
“hold_days”: 0,
“idem”: “0c78e6b1-4e61-4669-bcb4-8ad839731311”,
“next_step”: null,
“is_first_buy”: false,
“requires_completion_step”: false

I can see this buy using id and I see it throw GET

Please help me understand where I can see this buy inside the Coinbase account? Otherwise how I should place this order to get things to work?

Hello @natahiko! Thank you for taking an interest in trying out the Coinbase APIs, but first we’ll need you to provide us with the following information so that we can further assist you with the concern:

  • What Coinbase Cloud service or API are you trying to use (Sign in With Coinbase, NODE, Coinbase Exchange, Coinbase Commerce, etc.)?
  • If you are receiving any error messages, can you copy the text of the error messages into this thread?

Once you send us the information requested above, we’ll work to quickly address your concern. Thanks!


Hi @BlackPanda, thank you for helping me with it!
I’m using a “Sing in with Coinbase” API, here are actually links to the docs I’m trying to follow: Buys

Regarding your second question about errors: I don’t have any of them. I see the success 201 response (as I mentioned in the message above). No other errors appear.

I would be very grateful for helping me understand why I can’t see successful transactions from my Coinbase account.

Hello @natahiko! Thank you for providing the information as requested.

After looking into the details of your concern, we are glad to inform you that we actually found an article in Coinbase Help Center’s Support FAQs that would best fit your needs. You can check on this link for the step-by-step guide on how to view your balance and transactions (full history of buy and sell orders) in your Coinbase Retail account.

We hope this helps. If you have further concerns, please don’t hesitate to reply to this thread.


Hi @ereeca15, thank you for the provided link! This is really what I was looking for, but still, I see that all placed “buys” are “pending” instead of “completed”.

Could you please help me with the required steps what should I do instead of placing a buy to complete the order via API?

Hi @natahiko,

Can you submit a ticket to our support team? We may need to gather more details specific to your account so we can investigate further, so opening a ticket from our help site will allow us to better support your issue here and please include the code snippet of your POST request, excluding the information regarding yung API details. We would also like to know the payment method you used in placing a buy order.

Thank you and have a nice day!

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