Trades data missing currency, amount of one side


I am trying to build an app with trx history. I use:

For trades, advanced_fills, sells, buys I can’t figure out how to get the other side of the trade.
This trade for example:

  id: "3d08dbb3-eeb2-5cce-a941-ee7ba125dadd",
  type: "trade",
  status: "completed",
  amount: {
    amount: "170.48940278",
    currency: "MANA",
  native_amount: {
    amount: "702.84",
    currency: "USD",
  description: null,
  created_at: "2021-12-04T23:14:46Z",
  updated_at: "2021-12-24T21:26:08Z",
  resource: "transaction",
  resource_path: "/v2/accounts/d3127041-4e0c-5aeb-bc83-0f058882a281/transactions/3d08dbb3-eeb2-5cce-a941-ee7ba125dadd",
  instant_exchange: false,
  trade: {
    id: "50407d51-d9f8-513b-bce6-1e964ce2ec2f",
    resource: "trade",
    resource_path: "",
  details: {
    title: "Converted to Decentraland",
    subtitle: "Using LTC Wallet",
    header: "Converted 170.48940278 MANA ($702.84)",
    health: "positive",
    payment_method_name: "LTC Wallet",
  hide_native_amount: false,

Is an LTC to MANA conversion/swap I believe. I only get amount and currency for MANA though, the LTC side is converted to USD equivalent.
How can I get the LTC side data for the different trade types?