Issues with transfers endpoint

Couple things about the transfers endpoint:

1: When getting multiple transfers, the before and after arguments appear to be reversed

2: The transaction object returned is as below. The question is how do I know what currency I received? There is no Currency field!

    id: 'dbc25645-75af-a330c10b8c',
    type: 'deposit',
    created_at: '2021-12-18 10:32:41.817267+00',
    completed_at: '2021-12-18 10:32:43.306571+00',
    canceled_at: null,
    processed_at: '2021-12-18 10:32:43.306571+00',
    account_id: '424bd50-4f88-926f-55dbb9249df1',
    user_id: '593f4b007f33f7',
    user_nonce: null,
    amount: '12.35438435',
    details: {
      coinbase_account_id: '0-595d0-e93cfa1a780b',
      coinbase_transaction_id: '61bdb8c000118c5c0',
      coinbase_payment_method_id: ''
    idem: null

Hi @kentoshi! You may look up the currency with account_id for this.

From the response you’d received in the transfers endpoint, please copy the account_id 424bd50-4f88-926f-55dbb9249df1 then follow the instructions below:

  1. Call a GET method via endpoint{account_id}

  2. Replace the {account_id} with your actual account_id.
    The request (url) should look like this:

  3. You should be able to see the currency for the specific account_id after sending the request.

Here’s a sample result on my end:

"id": "06448d67-f244-44c4-83d2",
"currency": "BTC",
"balance": "0.000000",
"hold": "0.000000",
"available": "0.000000",
"profile_id": "430fd1b2-1563-4f32-8f48-8d7c88",
"trading_enabled": true

Let us know if this works. Thank you!

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I mean, i guess I could do that, but it really seems like that fix is a hack and a deficiency of the api to not provide currency while providing an amount. Its like if I handed you pea soup with no spoon to eat it with, then told you you have to go back to the kitchen and get your own damn spoon.

Hello @kentoshi! Thank you for the feedback/suggestion, we really appreciate this. We would like to recommend that you post this in the Feedback Section of the Forum as most new features and improvements to Coinbase come directly from feedback like yours, so it’s very valuable to us. Thank you so much!

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