Get Transactions Summary

Does anyone get this working? I always had this error:

     'error': 'INTERNAL',
     'error_details': 'internal error',
     'message': 'internal error'
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Ha I was going to post about that so I’ll just post it here. I got it working.

It seems the /transaction_summary endpoint docs say that the user_native_currency string will default to USD, but calling that endpoint without specifying the string returns an internal server error. Might be nice for the Coinbase devs to either fix the default on the server end, or mark the user_native_currency string as required in the docs.

For now just make sure you add a native currency param to the url, like this for USD:

Then it should work.

Side note: make sure you don’t sign with the param. signature should still just use: /api/v3/brokerage/transaction_summary


@jmicko Thank you! Your solution works.


@arood I would like to see start_date and end_date in the response, specially when they are not provided by users.

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Thank you for the feedback @dpkw - will certainly pass that along

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I’m encountering the following error:

{"error":"unknown","error_details":"incorrect scopes","message":"incorrect scopes"}

I assumed start_date is missing, but it looks optional from your post. Any ideas?

Hey, sorry I haven’t checked here in a while. I’m hoping you got it working by now but I’ll answer for anyone here in the future. Start_date should be optional. I don’t include it when I make calls. If you’re still having issues could you post your code? Thanks!