Retrieve SEPA IBAN and reference for deposit using API


I am currently developing a bot that will regularly deposit funds in EUR on Coinbase using SEPA transfers.

Coinbase currently provides an IBAN to use, along with a reference to provide with each of my SEPA transfers. Everything is working well, and I regularly make deposits in “manual” mode.

However, if I start using a bot, I want to ensure before each deposit that the IBAN and reference haven’t changed. Sometimes, an exchange makes changes, and even if I’ve been notified by email, I might forget. Therefore, I want to perform a check before each deposit.

I’m looking to find out if any of Coinbase’s APIs would allow me to retrieve these values.

Thanks in advance for your help

The scenario I described just happened today, quite a funny coincidence. The deposit IBAN changed without any notification or informational email, so I could have sent funds to the wrong recipient. It is therefore necessary to have an API that allows for regular verification of the deposit IBAN.

Hi @Kamoulox,

Thanks for your time and patience, we appreciate it!

As per the research I did the IBAN should not change or It will not change unless the recipient remains the same. Because IBAN is a identification number (International Bank Account Number) it will not change when the recipient remains the same. In here you have mentioned that the IBAN got changed, so could you please explain, what do you mean by that the IBAN go changed?

Thanks for your suggestion we value your feedback, we are working on your feedback and get them implemented. We would like to get some more suggestion from you, if incase there is a new endpoint is getting added with a name of IBANAPI what are all the data you would expect the API call to return.

Hello @Sandy ,

Thank you for the response. For a few days in January, my IBAN was different, and I even contacted customer service, who informed me that new personal IBANs were being tested (the transfer reference wouldn’t even be necessary anymore). After a few days, my IBAN was back to normal.

To get back to the idea of this topic, it would be very interesting to have the possibility of obtaining one’s deposit IBAN and all related information (BIC, bank address) in the same way that one can retrieve their USDt deposit address on ETH, for example.