ABI Json contract coinbase 10


Is it possible somehow to get json abi for the contract “coinbase 10”
If it is how to obtain or who I need to contact
thank you in advance

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Welcome to the forum community, @WlinkNet!

Can you please elaborate on your query so that we can assist you better?

Hi @rishabh

We want the abi code for coinbase 10 contract so that we can better automate deposits from customers that are sent using that contract from coinbase

Hey @WlinkNet, Can you please provide more context around what Coinbase 10 refers to. Also, if possible please include any links as well.

The ABI (Application Binary Interface) of the contract is a crucial piece of information that lets you interact with the contract. Can you provide the ABI for the contract that is used for customer deposits. here is example for the usdt-erc20 sent from coinbase using contract “coinbase 10”

So to effective automate deposit from your side we need that ABI
I hope so I clarify very well now. If you still have questions let me know. Thank you in advance.

@rishabh Can you help me on this?

Hey @WlinkNet, We’ve referred this to our internal teams. We will get back to you soon after we get an update. Thank you!

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Hey @rishabh any news from the team maybe?

Hey @WlinkNet, Thank you for the follow up. We do not have any update on this as of now. We shall keep you informed.

Ok @rishabh thks as soon get info let me know thank you in advance.

Hello @rishabh, do you have any updates on this? I need the ABI too because I am developing a feature that needs it in order to interact with Coinbase.


I join too need this ABI to automate deposits from Coinbase.
@rishabh possible?