POST limted order error

I’m trying to POST new limited order using

I get success response

        resp.status_code 200

post resp.json() {‘success’: True, ‘failure_reason’: ‘UNKNOWN_FAILUR
E_REASON’, ‘order_id’: ‘8d113504-309e-4fdf-99a2-085a066752bd’, 'success_response
': {‘order_id’: ‘8d113504-309e-4fdf-99a2-085a066752bd’, ‘product_id’: ‘BCH-EUR’,
‘side’: ‘BUY’, ‘client_order_id’: ‘3f37e4a0-0d6c-5cf8-97b5-791c4a94833a’}, ‘ord
er_configuration’: {‘limit_limit_gtc’: {‘base_size’: ‘0.20692465’, ‘limit_price’
: ‘195.1’, ‘post_only’: False}}}

but the order is not placed and not visible in pending orders…

payload is the following
order = {
“product_id”: market,
“side”: “BUY”,
“client_order_id”: “…”,
“order_configuration”: {
“limit_limit_gtc”: {
“base_size”: str(size),
“limit_price”: str(future_price)

what is the problem ?

thank you

Hi there,

Thank you for using Coinbase forum.

It is possible that the limit price you specified in your order is not valid. Post only orders on BUY side are required to have a limit price lower than best ask, and Post only orders on SELL side are required to have a limit price higher than best bid. If these conditions are not met on an endpoint call, the order will be rejected with a corresponding error. Please double check the limit price you specified and make sure it meets the requirements.

Hope this helps.

The topic starter clearly has ‘post_only’: False so your answer is not applicable.
Also ‘success’: True and ‘order_id’: ‘8d113504-309e-4fdf-99a2-085a066752bd’ clearly indicate an order was made.

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thank for your answer… but
price is lower than the best ask…

what is strange is that I receive successful response… also including order-id

but the order is not visible in the platform , thus not placed…

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I tested without changing “client_order_id”

this resulted in double orders entries…

I suggest Coinbase developers to improve error handling… This case resulted in successful execution and not in error reporting