No Payment methods Found using payment listing api

While listing the payment methods I am not getting any payment methods in response although I have added a payment method using Coinbase Portal.

The API I am using is as follow :
using my api key and secret with all permissions.

Hello @chandrashekhar. Welcome to the Coinbase Cloud Developer Forum! I understand that you are not receiving any response when using the /payment-methods endpoint. Upon checking it on my end, I was able to successfully add a payment method in Also, I was able to view the payment method, that I just recently added, in the response when I called a GET request to Hence, to further assist you with your concern, I’ll need you to provide the following information:

  • Are you seeing your payment methods in
  • Are you receiving any error messages when calling the /payment-methods endpoint? If yes, can you copy the text of the error messages into this thread? It will also be better if you could provide a screenshot to demonstrate the issue that you are encountering.
  • Can you share the steps that you took starting from adding a payment method to calling the /payment-methods endpoint?

Once you’re able to provide the requested information, I’ll work to quickly address your concern. In the meantime, you may browse through these help center sites for more information regarding managing your payment methods in Coinbase:

Thank you and have a great day!