Coinbase Pay SDK integration

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I am integrating Integrating Coinbase Pay in my application.
I am able to generate the URL and launch the coinbase pay in an iframe. However, I am not able to find callbacks/webhooks on the backend for the user events occurring on the frontend coinbase pay UI.

  1. Is there a way to get the callbacks/webhooks for events happening on coinbase pay UI to my backend server using coinbase pay SDK? If it is not possible in the requested way, what can be an alternative for my use case ?
  2. Is it possible to pre-select the token, fiat amount, and payment method using coinbase pay SDK ? I am able to pre-select the token and preset fiat amount ( limited to a set of currencies) using generateUrl method. But, I am not able to pre-select the payment method. Are there any workarounds for this problem ?

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I have a very similar issue. Is it possible to get authenticated responses to a backend server to verify payment has been processed successfully?

In order to have webhooks or get call backs on a event means you would need a business account if you don’t have that then you will just be wasting your time stressing yourself out plus you would need to get verification from the irs in your country to do so