Missing information about payment_methods in /accounts/.../transactions/

After the recent change it’s impossible to determine if a ‘buy’-transaction was fulfilled using a debit-/credit card or an on-exchange wallet (e.g. EUR Wallet).

Without this information in the transaction-endpoint it’s impossible to do a proper tax-calculation.

The endpoints for buy/sell was deprecated some time ago, which leaves us with no viable options to get this information (as far as I am aware).

Sadly this forum is dominated by spammers / scammers.

We’re also facing this problem. Now the buy/sell resources cannot be ‘expanded’, ‘details’ has been removed, and buy/sell endpoints are deprecated, it seems impossible to get metadata about these transactions to categorise them correctly.

Thanks for the feedback. We’re internally reviewing this and if we could return “payment_method_name” inside buy/sell subfields. Would that solve your concerns?

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That would be great, and it would solve the issue with using payment cards.

But there are still others issues with the recent changes. With “details” gone there are a lot of transactions which we are unable to categorize properly.

On example in the screenshot below. I am pretty sure this is a Learning Reward / Earn Task, but its impossible to read out of the transaction (which are still categorized as send?) without the metadata from “details”.

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